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Maintaining Vinyl Flooring Is Easy

Maintaining Vinyl Flooring


There are many advantages of vinyl flooring, from aesthetic appeal to durability. Vinyl is a preferred flooring material for public and commercial spaces due to its ability to withstand liquid spills, high foot traffic, and even heavy rolling loads. One of the great benefits of installing vinyl flooring in any space is the ease of maintenance of today’s premium products.


Decades ago, vinyl flooring might have required work-intensive waxing in order to keep it gleaming. Today’s products, however, are extremely simple to clean and maintain. A good rule of thumb for vinyl is to use gentle cleaning methods. Sweep or vacuum to remove grit, damp mop regularly, and cleanse with mild ph neutral concentrate solution and water when needed. Disinfecting the smooth surface of vinyl is also easy.


Premium Products


Look for a no-wax vinyl product that offers advanced technology such as glass bead surfacing. This type of surface uses microscopic glass beads embedded below the polyurethane layer that give the product a rich, matte appearance, and help it to resist staining. These beads also act to make the vinyl slip-resistant, and the resistance increases when the surface becomes wet. For public spaces, this safety feature makes premium vinyl an excellent choice.


Tiles retain their shape better than sheet vinyl, and are easier to install. In addition, although vinyl very rarely sustains irreparable damage, in the case that it happens, a tile can simply be removed and replaced.


Tile products and vinyl sheeting offer similar design possibilities, although high-resolution printing works better on smaller tiles and planks than it does on sheeting, and more colors can be printed. In addition, tiles are available in a variety of shapes, from plank to hexagonal, from chevron to parallelogram. You can choose from a vast array of solid colors, classic tiles, or find a company that offers cool and contemporary designs. Custom tiles are also available for you to create a totally unique floor. Sheeting has advantages, also, as the seamless look of vinyl sheets has a smooth flow allowing for large scale graphics.


Many times designers are looking to create a warm, natural-looking environment. The ultra-realistic printing process used for premium vinyl means that the look and feel of wood can be realized at a fraction of the cost and with none of the complex maintenance challenges of wood or laminate.


Cost-Effective and Green


In every respect, high-calibre vinyl flooring products are cost effective. Initial investment compared to other attractive materials is low, and vinyl’s extreme durability ensures that it will last for many years before needing to be replaced. Better manufacturers offer lengthy warranties on their products, with some extending as long as ten years after purchase. Because maintenance is so simple, the costs for cleaning and maintaining vinyl will be consistently lower than any other type of flooring.


Look also for a company that works to make its products environmentally responsible. Many vinyl manufacturers support LEED credits for recycling, using recycled material in their products, or promoting good indoor air quality.


Maintaining vinyl flooring has never been easier. Contact a premium vinyl flooring company today, and learn more about this beautiful, durable product!

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